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Passion for Shohin is an amazing book

Shohin has gained considerable popularity; size wise it's far easier to handle and obtaining suitable material is not such a quest either. Roland Schatzer who lives near the mountains of the South Tyrol, has a real passion for these smaller sized bonsai. "I really couldn't find specialised books on the subject," he explains, "except in Japanese and so I decided to write a book on shohin bonsai myself." On more than 370 pages Roland shows the development of numerous varieties, Japanese and native trees. "It's a bulky book all about shohin: growing techniques, a varieties guide and even how to display is explained. This is a real book for those who like to grow shohin themselves and my goal was to show how to do it." Roland adds.

Roland Schatzer, 370 pages, hard cover, full colour.

Available in German, Italian and English languages.

From Bonsai Focus Nr. 75, September/October 2015