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Bonsai Shohin Passion, the new book on shohin

The book now is available!!
Order please here.
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Bonsai Shohin Passion

How do I create shohin?
Which techniques do I use?
What to consider?
Practical advice with 1,200 pictures
Guide with stages of development
For beginners and advanced bonsai fans

There are many books about bonsai, various
techniques, bonsai styling, bonsai cultivation.
Those of you who are looking for shohin
books will only be able to find some if you are
fluent in Japanese. "Bonsai Shohin Passion",
written by the South Tyrolean bonsai expert
Roland Schatzer, fills the gap of shohin books
published in languages other than Japanese,
and offers a wide range of tips and advice
on 370 pages, for beginners as well as for
expert bonsai fans. With more than 1,200
pictures this books shows how shohin trees
can be cultivated and refined. Lots of useful
knowledge that enables the reader to carry
out his/her own experiments to obtain and
successfully style a shohin of their own.

ISBN 979-12-200-0309-4

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Heute in der Druckerei ... oggi in tipografia ... today at the printery

Posted by Bonsai Shohin Passion on Mittwoch, 2. September 2015


Probedruck des Buches ... stampa prova del libro ... sample print from the book ... :-)

Posted by Bonsai Shohin Passion on Dienstag, 18. August 2015

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