Shohin book feedback

Feedbacks for the book Bonsai Shohin Passion

Gary H writes on Amazon:
Merry Christmas Roland. The book makes for superb reading and brilliant pictures. Its difficult to put down!

Best regards


Antony Ha posts su FB:
I just finished your book it is very interesting and makes you want to go even further in this vast world of shohin. thank you for your explanations and your advice.
see you soon in volume 2 and have a good day.

Wim Tienhoven writes on FB:
Thanks for the books Roland, they are a delight to read and contain tons of inspiration.

Alejandro B., Santiago, Chile, mailde:
Hi Roland
I read the book and i like very much. Thanks.

Kevin W., United Kingdom, in Amazon:
This is a well put together book on the subject of the smaller bonsai trees. There will be a few readers expecting secrets and tricks to be revealed, there are a few along the way! Even for more experienced bonsai enthusiasts! It is a lot of pages in a small landscape format book. The first 216 pages cover species the author has used to demonstrate their development into shohin trees. Though the starting point for some seem to have had a few years work previous done to them. The usual pots, repotting, soil, fertiliser, wiring, tools, watering, jins and shari (deadwood) and propagation are all here. Then there is an informative shohin presentation and exhibition section, height reduction, styling a larch and an azalea, plus preparing for hibernation ( looking after small potted trees through winter). An inspiring book no doubt, and obviously a labour of love from the author.

Jessica J., South Africa, mailed:
The book has arrived, just got it! It is absolutely fantastic!!
I love it, thank you so much!!

Katherine T. mailed:
Hi Roland just wanted to say we got the book. My husband just loves it, it's beautiful and so full of great information. Thank you so much! Happy new year!

Peter G., Slovakia mailed:
Hi Roland,
The book was delivered today in the morning. What to say? I have spent a day reading the first chapters and scanning the rest of book. This is not a book, this is a heavy weight book about small trees. The very first half of the book comprises let's say "Case studies" - the alphabethicaly ordered list of species kept and developed by the author. I like it's written by very strict, clear, informative and educative way, the pics of trees without leaves underlining all the development. The testimony that the author knows what he is writing about. The second part so called "compulsary" part of good bonsai book is compiled nicely and reader-friendly. The book is full of pictures, I appreciate own pictures. Some techniques described here I have already been familiar with and few are new. It means I do the things right way, but too much work and learning still ahead.
So, my first impression, this is a heavy weight book, heavily loaded with wonderful pictures and experiences, a fun to read, must have among the books dealing with the art of bonsai.
Thank you so much for your experiences and good will to share 'em Roland.
Kind regards

Joann E. wrote on Facebook:
It's a great book.ordered from Dave Paris, and it flew across the world to me in a week.

Sonny B. wrote on Facebook:
Book review of Bonsai Shohin Passion by Roland Schatzer. I received my copy this past week from Dave Paris. At first glance I thought okay another picture book to get some inspiration from. Then I got deeper into the book. Many species are listed and general care is given for each species. Each tree is shown through various stages of development. Many of these I have tried in the past with mixed success. All well and good, then I got to the section on techniques, now we are talking! There were many techniques that I knew already but these were covered clearly and in depth, then there were many new techniques that I had never tried, but will be in the upcoming growing season. All in all I found the book to be both informative and with great pictures for both inspiration and to follow along with when I try some of the newly learned techniques. The only problem I saw with this book is the timing I received it...... now I have to wait until next growing season to put a lot of the information to use! Kudos to Dave for helping to make this book available here in the USA. Thanks again my friend!

Andreas D. wrote on Facebook:
Great shohin book, much inspiration there!
Superb book! Love it.

Kit B. wrote on Facebook:
Just received my book. It is great. Thanks.


Hi Roland

I'm close to the end of the book but do not need to reach the end to know that it's without exception the best bonsai book I have ever had ( I have about 60+ books ) the depth of explanation and history of the trees you present is outstanding, I cannot praise it enough, money well spent. This will be going to my bonsai club in Oct and I'm sure there thoughts will be the same as mine so don't be surprised to receive many more orders from the UK when the word gets out about how good the book is. I'm also going to promote it through social media to all my bonsai friends and encourage them to get a copy also. To summarise - it's a masterpiece.

Please keep publishing more books

Best wishes

Tom B.